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Board of Education Honors Outstanding Middle and High School Instrumentalists and Vocalists

Members of the Washington Township Board of Education took time at their work session on April 15th to sing the praises of a number of outstanding Bunker Hill, Chestnut Ridge and Orchard Valley Middle School and Washington Township High School instrumentalists and vocalists. The honorees included:


South Jersey Band

Billy Hagerty (CRMS), Samantha Carbone (BHMS) , Jack Crawford (BHMS), Christian Hiel (BHMS), Bailey Ratcliffe (BHMS), Colin Ly (WTHS), Kayla Flaherty (WTHS), Shreenithi Venkataraman (WTHS), Tristan Ly (WTHS), Gerald Mejias (WTHS), Luke Parrish (WTHS), Evan Chu (WTHS)


South Jersey Chorus

Gabriella Meehan (BHMS Elementary Chorus), Martina Weaver (BHMS Elementary Chorus), Anna Loomis (BHMS Elementary Chorus), Payton Hopkins (BHMS Elementary Chorus), Madison Bailey (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Kayla Richardson (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Ally Johns (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Hailey Dreyer (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Brody DeVera (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Riley Moore (CRMS Elementary Chorus), Annabelle Corigliano (OVMS Elementary Chorus), Ella Johnson (OVMS Elementary Chorus), Max Ruggles (OVMS Elementary Chorus), Joseph Agosta (CRMS Jr High Chorus), Benjamin Finelsen (CRMS Jr High Chorus), Colin Foss (CRMS Jr High Chorus), Jake Metviner (CRMS Jr High Chorus), Ilexia Navarro (CRMS Jr High Chorus), Nicole Forte (BHMS Jr High Chorus), Kathryn Kim (BHMS Jr High Chorus), Kaitlyn Gee (OVMS Jr High Chorus), Talia Mazzuca (OVMS Jr High Chorus), Connor Crymble (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Jaycen Geiser (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Robert Ilagen (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Isabelle Nutt (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Laina Ryan (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Andrew Seagreaves (WTHS Jr High Chorus), Joe Destra (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Trey Jackson (WTHS Sr High Chorus) Stephanie Masapollo (WTHS Sr High Chorus) Michael Morris (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Kaila Parkin (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Zack Romann (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Marco Santos (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Madison Seagreaves (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Troy Smith (WTHS Sr High Chorus), William Vandell (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Bailey Wielhouwer (WTHS Sr High Chorus), Taylor Wise (WTHS Sr High Chorus).


South Jersey Orchestra

Andrea Eleazar (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Laurel DiStefano (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Clara Fok- (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Diana Chan (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Katrina Lucero (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Dominic Revell (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Emma Chu (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Imani Olusola (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Connor Woodward (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Rachel Heil (WTHS Sr High Orchestra), Emily Westenberger (OVMS Jr High Orchestra), Kathleen Rodriguez( CRMS Jr High Orchestra)


New Jersey All State Band

Colin Ly (WTHS)


New Jersey All State Orchestra

Andrea Eleazar (WTHS)


2019 Honor Orchestra of America

Andrea Eleazar (WTHS)


Pictured members of the All-South Jersey Band, Chorus and Orchestra groups who were in attendance at the April 15th Board of Education meeting.




All-South Jersey Chorus




 All-South Jersey Band




 All-South Jersey Orchestra