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Middle School Students Represent Washington Township at Gloucester County School Boards’ Eighth-Grade Dialogue


For Immediate Release
April 15, 2024


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Three Washington Township students recently had a chance to represent the district at the Gloucester County School Boards Association’s “Eighth-Grade Dialogue.” The GCSBA solicits student voices on issues of importance to board members from school districts throughout the County at this annual event.

Each WTPS middle school chose a representative who served as a school ambassador at the event. KaMaurie Pompey from Bunker Hill Middle School, Ella Goehringer from Chestnut Ridge Middle School, and Cody Halicks from Orchard Valley Middle School were selected for the honor. The students attended, along with their families and District administrators, and participated in meaningful discussions on everything from future goals, grading philosophy, philosophy on homework, state testing, needed changes at the middle level, points of pride, and other matters currently facing middle school students.



Bunker Hill Middle School Eighth-Grade Dialogue representative KaMaurie Pompey poses with BHMS principal Mike D’Ostilio. KaMaurie serves BHMS as a Bullystopper, PAWcast participant, and as a member of the superintendent’s student cabinet.



Chestnut Ridge Middle School Eighth-Grade Dialogue representative Ella Goehringer poses with CRMS principal Theresa Pietrowski (left) and assistant principal Jennifer MacMillan. Ella shared how her middle school experience has prepared her for high school, and she looks forward to being part of the Washington Township High School Dance Team next year.



Orchard Valley Middle School Eighth-Grade Dialogue representative Cody Halicks poses with OVMS principal Kayla Berry. Cody made recommendations on how to make middle school better while communicating his excitement about joining the WTHS family next year.


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