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WTHS Social Studies Students Discover Their Inner “Founding Fathers” on Constitution Day   


Social studies students in Jen Wisor’s class at Washington Township High School recently commemorated Constitution Day on September 17th by paying a remote visit to The Constitution Center to take a quiz to determine which Founding Father their political views align most closely with  (


“This was just one activity that we have launched in the department to help our students to become engaged in and learn more about politics and our government,” Wisor said.


Among other activities, students have taken a political quiz to determine their political character type, a quiz on their knowledge of the constitution and how to garner information on the electoral college and how to track election polls in advance of the November 3rd presidential election.



WTHS Constitution Day


WTHS Constitution Day


WTHS social studies teacher Jennifer Wisor aligned with Founding Father Roger Sherman, a Connecticut statesman known for being steady, rational and conciliatory.