• Principal Tricia Holmes


    It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce myself as the new principal of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. It is an honor and privilege to join this amazing educational community and to work collaboratively with you, our dedicated staff, and our incredible students!

    I have been an educational leader in the Washington Township School District since 2014, most recently as principal of Birches Elementary School. I am committed to fostering a positive school culture where every student feels valued and supported. It is my belief that by creating a safe and welcoming environment, we can empower our students to take risks, embrace challenges, and become confident and compassionate individuals.

    Strong partnerships between home and school are essential for student success. I encourage open communication and active involvement from parents and guardians as we work together to support our student's educational journey. Your insights, perspectives, and involvement in school activities and decision-making processes are extremely important.

    Together, we will forge a partnership that strengthens our school community and ensures the success of every student.


    Thank you,

    Tricia Holmes

    Principal, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School