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    Book Care

    · If you find a damaged book, or your library book accidentally rips, give it to the librarian. Library books are mended with special materials.

    · Always carry your books in your bookbag so that they stay clean and dry.

    · Keep your place in a book with a bookmark, not by folding the corner of the page.

    · Turn the pages of a book with care by using the top or bottom corners of the page.

    · Keep your books in a safe place at home where little brothers, sisters, or pets cannot bother them.

    · Keep books away from drinks and food. Keep books in a plastic bag if you carry drinks in your bookbag.

    · Never write, color, or glue inside of a book.

    · Always handle books with clean hands.

    Thank you for taking care of our library

    Last updated 10/23/2019