• Whitman School History

    Past and Present

    September 1965
    Whitman School opened housing Kindergarten through Grade Six
    September 1969
    Grade Six students attended Birches School for one year
    September 1970
    Six graders return to Whitman School
    September 1989
    Whitman School housed Kindergarten to Grade five. Sixth graders go to OVMS.
    September 1994
    Kindergarten students attended Early Childhood Center. Whitman School housed One through Five
    October 1995
    Passing of 49.7 million dollar bond referendum that included an addition to Whitman School
    September 1997
    Completion of new addition and renovations
    Whitman School houses Grades One to Five
    Bunker Hill School houses Whitman's Grade Six


    1965 - 1968
    Mr. James Eulo
    1968 - 1988
    Mr. Raymond Seuter
    1988 - 2013
    Mr. Vincent Cardile
    Mr. Ray Anderson