• Library Books

    Material Exchange
    All students check out two books per week.

    Books are to be returned each week in order to check out new books.

    Please make sure to use proper care when using books.
    Damaged/Lost Books 
    If a book is damaged or lost, the school district's policy is that the child will be fined the replacement cost of the item. Your child may not check out another book until the damaged/lost book is paid for or returned. 
    Book Care 
    • Remember to ALWAYS return your books to the library on the day they are due, so that others can read them.
    •  If you find a damaged book, or your library book accidentally rips, give it to the librarian.  Library books are mended with special materials.
    •  Always carry your books in your bookbag so that they stay clean and dry.
    •  Keep your place in a book with a bookmark, not by folding the corner of the page.
    •  Turn the pages of a book with care by using the top or bottom corners of the page.
    •  Keep your books in a safe place at home where little brothers, sisters, or pets cannot bother them.
    •  Keep books away from drinks and food.
    •  Never write, color, or glue inside of a book.
    •  Always handle books with clean hands.
     Thank you for taking care of our library books!