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Triple the Math Fun!

Wedgwood Elementary School Triplets Stake Place Atop National First in Math Standings


For Immediate Release
June 13, 2024



Wedgwood Elementary School first-grade triplets (left to right) David, Deborah, and Daniel Osaghae are all placed in the top 10 in the nation when it comes to first-grade students in the First in Math program. David is the No. 1 student, besting more than 200,000 other first-graders.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Math is better with triple the joy! Wedgwood Elementary School first-grade triplets David, Daniel, and Deborah Osaghae have become stars when it comes to First in Math. All three siblings are in the top 10 in the nation for first grade students, earning a combined 138,000+ stickers.  


David, a student in Mrs. Hope Urso’s class, is the youngest of the triplets. He has secured his place as No. 1 in Grade 1 in the nation when it comes to First in Math, besting more than 200,000 other first-graders. His brother Daniel, a student in Miss Alana Gerace’s class, is right behind him at No. 2.  


“I love the games on First in Math,” David said. “I play First in Math before I go to bed and love competing against my brother and sister." 


Daniel likes First in Math for a different reason: "It makes me smarter," he said.


All three Osaghae triplets have used the First in Math online program to expand their math knowledge. Deborah, also a student in Mrs. Urso’s class, is the No. 8 first grader in the nation. 


“I learned multiplication, telling time, patterns, and decimals by playing all of the different games,” she said. 


Daniel agreed with Deborah, adding, “I also learned powers and fractions.” David shouted out without hesitation, “I learned powers, too ... six to the power of three is 216. I also learned negative numbers.”


The triplets, originally from Africa, have spent the year setting goals and reaching their goals. Daniel set his goal at 70,000 stickers this school year. He currently sits at just less than 50,000. He will have until July 31st to reach his goal. David's goal, on the other hand, was to beat his brother and sister.  


“I always check my ranking to make sure I am ahead of them,” he said. 


The triplets often can be found at home all playing First in Math at the same time.


“I work on First in Math in math class and at home,” Deborah said. “I do it on the weekends and at bed time. We all work on First in Math on Sundays after church.” 


The triplets have their favorite games on First in Math. While all loved playing Quantum Zeroes, David enjoyed playing the Very Important Facts (VIFs). 


“I love the VIFs because I can add, subtract, multiply, and divide harder problems,” he said.


While all three siblings enjoy competing against each other, they share a sibling bond and rivalry.  


“It makes me proud that my brother is the No. 1 first-grade student in the nation,” Daniel said. “Next year, I'm going to beat him.”


“That's not going to happen,” David said quickly.


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