• Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center is the first step in each child's journey in Washington Township Public Schools. This unique campus provides a safe and nurturing environment for all children to grow and to learn.

    Grenloch Old Front The early childhood center is home to several programs. The largest program is our full-day kindergarten program. Our kindergartners learn to see themselves as readers, writers and investigators as they explore our fully integrated curriculum. A typical day finds children gathering on the rug for circle time where they are welcomed by their teacher and greet their classmates. The children explore concepts in math and science and develop language as they count the days in school, find patterns, give a weather report, graph the number of cloudy or sunny days and review basic color and number words. Circle time begins a day filled with reading, writing, counting and discovery, integrated around a common theme. Children have music, physical education, art and library with a teacher who is a specialist in this area. Specialists work closely with the classroom teacher to reinforce the same concepts and develop the theme. Children receive additional support in reading and math skills through our readiness center staff. Other services include speech, a full time school nurse and a full time counselor. 

    The early childhood center also offers a pre school disabled program. Children in need of special services attend half-day classes with a special emphasis on language development. Speech specialists integrate language activities in the classroom and are an integral part of the daily program. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are offered in accordance with each child's individual educational program. 

    Many opportunities for parent involvement occur throughout the year.  From Back to School night, SuperHero Strong Mind, Strong Bodies parent/child interactive workshops and American Education Week in the fall, Read Across America in the winter, Fun Day, and the Spring Bunny, parent volunteers are always welcome at Grenloch. Partnerships with Rowan University, Gloucester County College , MUA, and Parks and Recreation bring extra help and guest speakers to the classroom and the library. Our fire department provides assemblies on safety, and local farm markets provide opportunities for trips.  The year concludes with KinderGarden Growth Ceremony, displaying the children's artwork and enjoying dance and song…a true celebration of our whole school family's accomplishments throughout the year! Truly, the Grenloch experience brings our community, teachers, parents and students together to share in many different learning experiences!

    It is our desire at Grenloch to capture the natural excitement our young students have for learning and to entice children into a lifelong journey of learning!