• History
    Grenloch Terrace School The original Grenloch Terrace School was a wooden building, located at the corner of Wilson and Woodbury-Turnersville Road. It was destroyed by fire and rebuilt as a brick structure on the present sight in 1936. At that time, Grenloch Terrace was one of three district school buildings: Bunker Hill, Original Hurffville and Grenloch Terrace. The Washington Township School District was kindergarten to 8th grade. High school students were sent to Glassboro.

    The original building later became part of Hurffville Elementary School, housing kindergarten and first grade students. In 1989 the school district decided to unite the kindergarten children under one roof at Grenloch Terrace.

    The first addition was built in 1991. Additional elementary school kindergartners and pre-school disabled pupils were added to the enrollment.

    The district added a second addition in 1993 when the remaining district pre-first graders became part of the Early Childhood Center.

    In 2021, all district kindergarten classes returned to their respective homeschools.  The district was awarded NJ's PEA grant allowing Grenloch Terrace to expand its Integrated Preschool program and allow all preschool classes to assume a full day schedule.