• History — Past and Present
    September 1968: Birches School opened. The school housed two classes of grades K-6 and eleven sections of 7th graders. In 1968, Mrs. Zycinsky, past principal, taught 5th grade. Mr. Tom Flemming, past superintendent, taught Art, and Mrs. Maciunas, media specialist, was a 7th grade student.

    September 1988: Last year Birches housed grades K-6. Birches was bulging with 731 students.

    September 1989: Birches housed students in grades 1-5. Sixth graders went to OVMS and Kindergartners went to ECC.

    October 1995: Passing of 49.7M bond referendum that included an addition to Birches School.

    September 1997: Completion of new addition and renovations.

    September 1998: 30th anniversary of Birches School."Celebrating Thirty Years of Excellence" 
    2004-2005: Governor’s School of Excellence Award
    September 2018:  50th anniversary of Birches School.  " Celebrating Fifty Years of Excellence"

    1968-1974: Michael Tamaska
    1974-1975: Joseph Indriso
    1975-1976: Vince Cavalea
    1976-1979: Joseph Indriso
    1979-1981: Faith Divasek
    1981-1984: Vince Cavalea
    1984-1989: Margaret Zycinsky
    1989-1994: Winifred Powel
    1994-2007: Margaret Zycinsky
    2007-2014: Annette Miller
    2014-present:  Jessica Rose