• Accelerated Reader
    Be sure to take a quiz soon after you have completed the book.

    You will need to remember your log in. Most are your first initial and the first 4 letters of your last name. Some students also add a number.

    It helps to memorize your lunch pin ID# which is your password.
    "It is not just for lunch anymore!"

    Directions to: Which Books are in your ZPD Level at the Birches Library
    Go to the Birches home page and click on IMC Catalog (lower left side)
    click "catalog" tab
    Find "Reading Program" drop-down menu -Pick Accelerated reader
    Boxes will come up for you to put in your ZPD level (once the boxes are completed hit Enter}
    All the books that come up are in your ZPD level


    Follow the Book Finder Directions by clicking the link at the bottom of this note.

    Next: you can check to see if the book is available at the Birches Library using the Library Search.