• Students who need medication during the school day will need a doctor's note for prescription and over the counter medicines. There are also required WTPS forms for all medications that need to be filled out by both parent/guardian and physician. There are specific forms that need to be filled out for students with Asthma and life-threatening allergies and for the administration of Epinephrine.

    A written note signed by the doctor and parent stating the name of the medicine, when the medicine is taken, dose, and how often it is taken, should be included.

    Medication must be in the original bottle, with the pharmacy label. Medication must be brought to school by an adult. Students are not to carry any medication with them.
    Forms are available in my office and I will be happy to send one home at your request! Medication forms are also on this site under Health Forms and can be downloaded at your convenience.
    Click on this link to access the forms -->