Snacks at School

  • Snacks at School



    Parents, please check with your child's teacher before you send in any food item for a school celebration.  We have many students with all different types of food allergies! Some are allergic to tree nuts, peanuts, sesame or eggs, just to name a few. These children can experience a severe reaction if their allergen is accidentally ingested, and may require emergency treatment.  All food items need to be store bought or purchased through the school district food service department as stated in the Washington Township Wellness Policy 8505.  Please be aware of food labels that have an advisory statement on the package (e.g..., "May contain...", or "Processed in a facility with...").  These products could contain enough of the food to cause an allergic reaction. Let's try to work together to keep all our children safe! Thanks so much for your consideration.

    Mr Peanut - Click image to download.