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Celebrating "Diane's Day"

Washington Township School Celebrate Lunch Heroes Day, Honor the Life of Diane Rainey


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May 23, 2024


Members of Diane Rainey’s family were on hand to celebrate “Diane’s Day” at Bunker Hill Middle School.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – The Washington Township Public Schools celebrated our dedicated Lunch Heroes of National Lunch Hero Day, May 3, 2024. These men and women come to work every day with a smile, ready to provide delicious and nutritious breakfast and lunches to the students of Washington Township. 


“These are the unsung heroes who keep the WTPS population smiling with full bellies and loving hearts,” Food Service manager Jennifer Mullin said. “When you are a Lunch Hero, every day is an adventure.”


The day took on a more special meaning this year, as WTPS honored and celebrated the life of Diane Rainey, a former cook at Bunker Hill Middle School who passed away on May 5, 2023. For “Diane’s Day,” the staff at BHMS displayed a beautiful shadowbox in the cafeteria – with the help of Diane’s family, co-workers and friends – containing Diane’s food service jacket and school ID. Additionally, a bench in the BHMS courtyard, made from recycled milk jugs, also was dedicated in her honor, and money raised from a district-wide jeans day was donated to MD Anderson Cancer Research.


Also at Bunker Hill, the inaugural Diane Rainey Award was given to eighth-grade students Julian Baggett and Reiley Trombetta. The recipients’ characteristic traits include compassion, hope, and living life with happiness and confidence, just as Diane did. 


“Diane had a beautiful outlook on life and she is greatly missed by her family, friends, co-workers, and all BHMS Bulldogs,” Mullin said.


BHMS and district food service staff celebrate “Diane’s Day.”


Eighth-graders Julian Baggett (right) and Reiley Trombetta were the inaugural winners of the Diane Rainey Award.


The shadowbox created in memory of Diane Rainey was displaced in the BHMS cafeteria.


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