• Big Deals & Little Deals
    The classroom lesson, Big Deals & Little Deals, teaches the children about “Big Deals & Little Deals” and what to do when they happen. It is a problem-solving lesson; teaching the kids strategies for solving little deals, like when a classmate is bothering them or hurts their feelings. We’ll talk about how anything that hurts their body, is dangerous, or makes them feel worried or afraid, is a Big Deal and needs to be reported to a grown up right away.

    Note to Parents/Teachers:
    Please have a discussion with children about what to do when they are having trouble deciding whether something is a Big Deal or little deal. In reality, it's not always clear- not even for the adults!

    Although our ultimate goal is to have children learn how to handle the Little Deals they encounter, it's important, especially at this young age, that we send the message that it's ALWAYS okay to go to a grown-up if they are not sure. Children need our guidance in their decision making and require assurance that they are not going to be scolded when they seek that guidance.

    Although children need to do their best to handle bothering/hurt feelings, they are not expected to tolerate repeated bothering/hurt feelings at the hands of the same individual. If bothering/hurt feelings persist after a child has tried using their strategies 1...2...3...4 times, the Little Deal turns into a Big Deal. When that happens, children should REPORT to an adult.

Big Deals and little deals