The Character word for the month of September is ENCOURAGEMENT
    Overview- Character Education is a program that works in conjunction with specific grade curriculum to give each child a well rounded and balanced education. A successful character program is all inclusive and must be supported and  consistently reinforced through a common language by all the adults in the school - teachers, administrators, counselors, secretaries, custodians, and lunch personnel. Students mimic and emulate what they see and hear and if they consistently see and hear positive reinforcement this will become ingrained in them and then part of the school climate. This leads to more positive social behaviors, better conflict-resolution skills, and a desire to persevere and be the best that they can be. But this does not happen overnight and takes time for all stake holders- administration, staff, and students to support and believe in this program and concept. 


    Why teach character education? 

    • It is a language that all ages, races, genders and religions can understand 

    • Our school is reinforcing what is being taught at home 

    • Teachers are another role model for the child supporting the family and demonstrating character values 

    • Promotes self-esteem and a positive outlook 

    • Creates a positive school and community climate 

    • Helps us to make connections between our actions and the results or consequences 

    • These are life long skills that will make our homes, schools, communities and world a better place