• Dear WTPS Students & Parents: 

      Scheduling advisement is an exciting time for the high school! Please review the following as a family to understand the information before your counselor appointment and ask questions. 


      WTHS Scheduling Advisement Webpage - For your overall information. 


      2024-25 WTHS Program of Studies - Go to the table of contents to click on the specific page you would like to view. 


      Smore Program of Studies By Department– To review specific course information including flowcharts by content area. 


      WTHS Scheduling Advisement video(14:36 minutes) – Watch the WTHS counselors explain the scheduling advisement process at your convenience. 


      • WTHS Scheduling Timeline 
        • Freshmen - February to March  
        • Sophomores - March 
        • Juniors - March to April 
        • Incoming Freshmen - April 
        • Deadline for schedule changes is Wednesday, May 1, 2024 
        • Grade 8 Parent /Student Virtual Scheduling Advisement Night on Thursday, March 7, 2024 6:30pm – An invitation will be forthcoming via email and website. 8th Grade Virtual Night 2024.pdf   

      Students may have prescheduled for electives, but all courses will be finalized with their school counselor individual meeting