Educational Resources About the Perils of Vaping



      The links provided indicate research and videos aimed at educating both students and parents about the harmful effects of vaping.  Please reference and refer to these articles/videos as they provide incredible insight as to the addictive properties of vaping and what parents and schools may struggle with.




      • Steered Straight:  Anti Vaping Education Resources: The Washington Township Public Schools have established a webpage with links and resources related to vaping awareness and prevention. The resources were culled from an April 2019 District presentation by Steered Straight founder Michael DeLeon.


      • "I Can't Stop:  Schools Struggle with Vaping Explosion."  Kate Zernike of The New York Times publishes the article "I Can't Stop:  Schools Struggle with Vaping Explosion."  It discusses the harmful habit, the misinformation among teens, and how hard it is for schools to catch the vaping because of the way vapes and JUULs can be conceled.  


      • Dr. Gupta's Report on the Vaping Epidemic Dr. Sanjay Gupta, health expert on CNN, provides an insight on why there is considered an epidemic on e-cigarettes among teens.  This follows a report from the Surgeon General Office.: 


      •   JUUL: The Most Popular Vape/E-Cigarette Among Teens (Video) This is an article about the rise of the JUUL industry which has single handedly caused many problems for administrators in schools.  JUULs look no different that flash drives and can easily be concealed.  It has become a $15 billion dollar industry and it's adversely affecting kids.  


      •  A Middle School Prinicpal's Perspective on Vaping.  Principal Greg Taranto of Cannonsburg Middle School in Cannonsburg, PA writes in the AMLE Magazine (Association for Middle Level Learning) what he sees from his perspective as a principal and what can families do to quell this concern.  



      • Mr. Bollendorf's Letter to Families about the Rise in Vaping.   Superintendent of Washington Township, Mr. Bollendorf puts out a letter to familes regarding the rise in vaping among WTPS students.  In his letter, he provides links to the written declaration by the Surgeon General as well as a video presentation by Christina Martins of the South Jersey Parinatal Cooperative. 


      •  To Vape or Not to Vape Powerpoint. Presentation to BHMS middle school students regarding the need to avoid vaping.  This was also conducted by Christina Martins of the South Jersey Parinatal Cooperative.