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    Important Information Regarding Anxiety in Adolescents

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      Understanding and Responding to Adolescent Anxiety

      • "My 6th Grader is Anxious about School. What do I do?" This article is written by John Piacentini, PhD.  Dr. Piacentini is an expert in adolescent/teen anxiety and provides tips for parents to help their children overcome general anxiety and deal with aspects of clinical anxiety.  He is a professor out of UCLA and the director/founder of the Child Anxiety Resilience Education Support (CARES) Center.


      • "How Perfectionism Fuels Teen Anxiety" This article came out of the PsyCom online journal.  Licensed Clinical Social Worker and author of numerous books, Katie Hurley, discusses how the fear of failure or getting poor marks contribute to anxiety whether the fear is real or perceived.  Hurley has written numerous books on child and adolescent therapy.  She has expertise in child and adolescent anxiety and low self esteem support.


      • "Recognizing and Treating Problematic Fear and Anxiety in Children: Webinar" This is a video/webinar from Dr. Piacentini of UCLA.  It is a complete webinar (45 minutes) about how to recognize signs in your child, how do deal with those signs, and how to differentiate between normal adolescent trepidation versus an actual anxiety disorder that meets clinical criteria.  Good information to see or listen to.