• Student Procedures


    1. Students must have a pass to the library during the school day and must sign in at the circulation desk. Passes must include the student's name, where the student is coming from, the teacher issuing the pass, the date, and the time that the student is being sent. Remember, no pass - no entry!
    2. Students are allowed to take out a library book for two weeks. If a library book is not returned after the two week period, an overdue notice will be issued to the student during homeroom.
    3. Students are allowed no more than two books out at any time. If a student has one overdue book out at any time - the student will not be allowed to take out another book until the overdue book is renewed or is returned to the library.
    4. Students are to use the internet only for school projects! 



    Rules of Conduct


    1. Students are to use the library for silent reading, the selection of books, reference materials, the computers, and for studying purposes/homework.
    2. Talking is to be kept to a minimum in the library - remember, the library is also a classroom. Students who are disruptive will be asked to leave for the remainder of the class period. If a student is asked to leave the library on three separate occasions, he/she will lose their library privileges and will no longer be permitted to come to the library for the rest of the school year.
    3. Upon leaving the library, students are expected to replace their chairs under the tables and clean up after themselves.
    4. There is to be no food, drink, or gum chewing in the library.
    5. When returning library books, please put them in the book return slot on the side of the library circulation desk. Do not leave library books on top of the counter or anywhere else in the library.
    6. Lost library books will be replaced by the student at the current cost of the book.