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    Welcome to WTPS Ed Tech Digital Badges!  
    This is a professional development technology movement in which you can learn valuable web tools,
    create lessons, earn badges, and then showcase your badges and accomplishments. 
    To get started, you'll want to set up an free account at a site called Credly.   
    WTPS Ed Tech Digital Badges has created a number of badges for you to explore and pursue.  Each badge encourages you to learn a new technology skill, and then to use that skill with your students. It's really easy for you to do!  You don't have to wait for a workshop.  You don't have to be away from your class.  You can learn these when you want, at your convenience, by watching a SHORT video tutorial (most less than 4 minutes) and then trying it on your own!  A description of each badge and a short screencast will be all you need to begin your personal learning journey.  
    After you watch the screencast and get acquainted with how to use the tool on your own, your task will be to find a clever way to infuse the web tool into your own curriculum...in other words, use it with the kids!  The criteria for each badge are simple and are specified on the badge page.  To actually earn a badge, you'll just need to submit some sort of proof of how you used the tool to enhance your instruction.  (lesson plans, photograph, student samples, etc.)  The Credly website gives you easy-to-use buttons to attach your evidence. Submitted evidence is reviewed by WTPS Ed Tech Digital Badges, and subsequently an official badge will be issued to your Credly account.
    What can you do with badges once you earn them?  Celebrate yourself!  You can just keep them linked to your Credly account, but you also have the option of sharing them on Facebook, Twitter, or through email so that others can celebrate you, too.  Badges can be printed and hung like certificates in your classroom.  Of course, bringing your WTPS Ed Tech Digital Badges to your summative meeting is just a wonderful way to showcase all the ways you have grown as a digital educator! 

    Our Badges 

    Print Screen Badge  
    The Print Screen Badge                                                                                                                     Print Screen Button Video Tutorial
     The Print Screen button (PRT SC) on your keyboard is an awesome an often under-utilized tool! It works like the "copy" part of a "copy & paste" function, taking a screenshot of your entire screen. From there, you can crop images to use in all kinds of projects!  To claim your Print Screen Badge, click here:  Claim Print Screen Digital Badge
     wordle badge

    The Wordle Badge. ( http://www.wordle.net/  )                                                                                            Wordle Video Tutorial

    Wordle is a simple website that lets users create colorful "word clouds".  I've written a blog post which explains it in more detail, and offers suggestions for classroom use....here's the link: Wordle blog   To submit evidence and claim the Wordle Badge, click here: Claim Wordle Digital Badge

    Tagxedo badge  
    The Tagxedo Badge  ( http://www.tagxedo.com/ )                                                                                     Tagxedo Video Tutorial
    It's just like Wordle, only different.  Tagxedo also creates beautiful word clouds, but with this site they appear as shapes.  For instance, your word cloud might be in the shape of an apple, or a globe, or Abraham Lincoln's head.  You can use it in some of the same ways as Wordle, but the words all appear multiple times to fill the shape.  Watch the quick tutorial and see how easy Tagxedo is.  To submit evidence and claim your Tagxedo Badge, click here:  Claim Tagxedo Digital Badge
    Voki badge  
     The Voki Badge.  ( http://www.voki.com/ )                                                                                                  Voki Video Tutorial
    Voki is a simple-to-use website that lets users create talking avatars!  These can be used to critically enhance almost any subject you teach.  It is highly engaging and students are quick to learn it.  Try Voki with your students to earn the badge.  To submit evidence and claim your Voki Badge, click here: Claim Voki Digital Badge
    Make beliefs comix  
    The Make Beliefs Comix Badge  http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/ )                            Make Beliefs Comix Video Tutorial
    Make Beliefs Comix lets users create simple 2, 3, or 4 panel comic strips.  These are great for practicing vocabulary, word study projects, or summarizing a main idea.  It's free, easy-to-learn, and can be used with every subject area that you teach!  Try it, and then get your students to use it in order to earn your badge.  To submit evidence and claim your Make Beliefs Comix Badge, click here:  Claim Make Beliefs Comix Digital Badge
     emaze badge
    The Emaze Badge  ( http://www.emaze.com/ )                                                                                            Emaze Video Tutorial
    Emaze is an awesome presentation site.  The next time you think about doing a PowerPoint, try an emaze instead.  The students (and you) will be much more engaged because these slides just move in a unique & attractive way!  You do need to create an account, but it's free!  Here is the link to one sample emaze that I created, (click here)  but there are all kinds of other templates from which you can create beautiful presentations!  To submit your evidence and claim your Emaze Badge, click here: Claim Emaze Digital Badge
     padlet badge
    The Padlet Badge  (  http://padlet.com/ )                                                                                                     Padlet Video Tutorial
    Padlet is a virtual wall, like a bulletin board space,which allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. Unlimited users (anyone with the link) can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page. The teacher poses a question or topic, the students can all simultaneously log on and post 'live' on the page.  Kids LOVE this, and there are so many great ways you can use this with any subject.  There are some ideas for you at this blog post I wrote about it:  Padlet Blog Post.   To submit 
     your evidence and claim your Padlet Badge, click here:  Claim Padlet Digital Badge
    The Plickers Badge (www.plickers.com)                                                                                                        Plickers Video Tutorial
     Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices.  The only device you need is a smartphone (iPhone or android) and the free Plickers app!  It's a low-tech hi-tech way to collect data super quickly and in a really fun way!   You print out a free set of 40 cards for your students (on card stock, not laminated) and use that same set all year long for every Plickers activity you do.  So easy, so fun, so perfect for quick assessments!  To submit your evidence and claim your Plickers Digital Badge, click here:  Claim Plickers Digital Badge
    Outlook Calendar badge  
    The Outlook Calendar Badge                                                                                                   Outlook Calendar Video Tutorial
    Hiding in a separate tab in your email account, there has always been an awesome calendar function!  Learn how to use it and you'll love it forever.  It's great for keeping track of PD, meetings, and all school events.  To submit your evidence and earn this badge, click here:   Claim Outlook Calendar Badge 
    symbaloo badge  
    The Symbaloo Badge  ( http://www.symbalooedu.com/ )                                                                  Symbaloo Video Tutorial
     Symbaloo is an online bookmarking site, or a place for you to save and organize all of your websites for your students.  Watch the simple screencast, & you'll have your own Symbaloo set up in no time!  If you'd like to see a quick sample, here's a great starter one for you to see: General Use Web Tools   To submit your evidence and claim your Symbaloo Badge, click here: Claim Symbaloo Digital Badge
    draggo badge  
    The Draggo Badge ( http://draggo.com/ )                                                                                                 Draggo Video Tutorial
     Draggo is another online bookmarking site (like Symbaloo).  You may want to compare the two of them and see which site works best for you.  I have a sample draggo that is already filled with links for you to see at draggo.com/kath.  Try it yourself to earn this badge! To submit your evidence and claim your Draggo Badge, click here:  Claim Draggo Digital Badge
    Thinglink badge  
    The Thinglink Badge  ( https://www.thinglink.com/ )                                                                              Thinglink Video Tutorial
    Thinglink is a site where you choose any background image and place little 'dots' on it, which are all hyperlinks that you've specificially chosen to compliment the image.  You can create whole units or topics on a Thinglink, and you can even attach music, videos, games, pictures, interactives, and assessments!  Here's a simple sample for you to see:  Sample Thinglink  Easy to learn, easy to use...you're going to love this!  To submit evidence and claim the Thinglink Badge, click here: Claim Thinglink Digital Badge
     google forms badge
    The Google Forms Badge                                                                                                              Google Forms Video Tutorial (7:45)
    ***You will need to set up a Google account if you don't already have one.  It's free and can be used for a whole bunch of great things, including free gmail.***
    Google Forms will allow you to create online quizzes, tests, and surveys so that your students can take assessments online and you can grade them online!  Reduce paperwork by leaps & bounds.  Give feedback much more quickly - even instantly!  It's so easy to use - this might just be your favorite web tool!  To submit evidence and claim the Google Forms Badge, click here: Claim Google Forms Digital Badge
    flubaroo badge
    The Flubaroo Badge                                                                                                                              Flubaroo Video Tutorial (5:29)
    The Flubaroo Badge goes hand-in-hand with the Google Forms Badge...it's just one more step.  (Google Forms Badge is a prequisite) Learn how to use this simple add-on to let the computer do ALL of the grading for you in just a click or two!  You'll be presented with a spreadsheet that has each student's name, the date they took the assessment, the answers they gave to each question, and - YES - their numerical grade!  Flubaroo even color-codes the results to show students who fell below the passing line and questions that were answered incorrectly a majority of the time...allowing you the opportunity to make timely interventions!  To submit your evidence and claim your Flubaroo Badge, click here:  Claim Flubaroo Digital Badge
     literably badge
    The Literably Badge                                                                                                                                  Literably Video Tutorial
    Literably is a website that lets you assign readings to up to 10 students for free.  The students read, via microphone, selections at the reading levels you have assigned.  (This is great to have them do with a classroom aide or volunteer parent...you don't need to be there!)
    When they're done reading, they submit their recording and the folks at Literably actually DO a full running record for you - overnight - and you get the annotated reading and lexile score within 24 hours! To submit evidence and claim your Literably Badge, click here:  Claim Literably Digital Badge
    The Socrative Badge (http://www.socrative.com/)                                                                                Socrative Video Tutorial  (9:03)

    Engage, assess and personalize your class with Socrative!  Educators can initiate formative assessments through quizzes, quick question polls, exit tickets and space races all with Socrative.  Socrative will instantly grade, aggregate and provide visuals of results to help you identify opportunities for further instruction. Save time and visualize student understanding when it matters, now!  Students can connect to your unique room by joining your room at Socrative.com.  To submit your evidence and earn your  Socrative Badge, click here: Claim Socrative Digital Badge

     EdPuzzle Badge
    The EdPuzzle Badge                                                                                                                           EdPuzzle Video Tutorial  (12:32)
    EdPuzzle lets you take videos (YouTube, TeacherTube, etc) and crop them to use only the section you need.  Then, you insert 'stops' along the video where you insert your own questions (open ended, multiple choice), or voice comments, or text comments!  You can even create quizzes by requiring students to answer questions during viewing.  It's a magnificent tool to keep your students actively engaged and participating in videos.  It's a perfect tool for 'flipping' your classroom, and it's also a great tool for PARCC readiness! To claim your EdPuzzle Badge, click here:  Claim EdPuzzle Digital Badge
    kahoot badge
    The Kahoot Badge (https://getkahoot.com/ )                                                                                             Kahoot Video Tutorial
    Kahoot is an incredible new game-based learning website in which you create the questions and your students are highly engaged in your critical content by 'playing' in a social gaming format. It's really fun!  This is a favorite new tool for many educators & students!  To submit your evidence and claim your Kahoot Badge, click here:  Claim Kahoot Digital Badge
    The Quizizz Badge (http://quizizz.com/)                                                                                                     Quizizz Video Tutorial
     Quizizz is a fun, interactive multiplayer quiz game where the whole class can practice together. The lively characters and graphics get students super-excited, and its compatible with tablets, chromebooks and mobile devices. They've got lots of great public quizzes, and you can create your own too.  It's a really fantastic tool for formative assessment in a fun way!  To submit your evidence and claim your Quizizz Badge, click here:  Claim Quizizz Digital Badge
    The Appear.In Badge (https://appear.in/)                                                                               Appear.in Video Tutorial (coming soon)
                                                                                                                                                                   Please use FAQ site for now 
    Appear.in is an unbelievably simple way to video chat with up to 8 people!  The only thing you'll need is a webcam (available on most district laptops).  There is no sign-in, no log-in, no cost...it's easier than Skype and GHO's!  Just create your own room (which is your room name forever) and share the link with people.  Tell them when to meet you in your appear.in room, and it's instant video chatting. The possibilities for using this are endless!  Claim Appear.In Digital Badge
     jeopardy labs
    The Jeopardy Labs Badge  (https://jeopardylabs.com/)                                                                         Jeopardy Labs Video Tutorial
     The JeopardyLabs website allows teachers to create great, interactive Jeopardy games for their students!  It's an excellent tool for fun and engaging review games, and it's simple to use.  This tool is free and allows teachers to access a library of previously created games to tweak or use in their own classroom. JeopardyLabs even allows teachers to input the number of teams for accurate score keeping.  To submit your evidence and claim your Jeopardy Labs Badge, click here:  Claim Jeopardy Badge Digital Badge
    Thanks to Digital Leader Nicole Strate for this submission!
     Little Bird Tales
    Little Bird Tales Badge (https://www.littlebirdtales.com/)                                                                   Little Bird Tales Video Tutorial
     Little Bird Tales is a storytelling and learning tool that can be implemented in hundreds of ways, and is great for kids of all ages, even for children who can't read and write!  Students draw, write, and narrate their own interactive stories, and these can be shared on a class dashboard.   The site really allows students to practice a variety of literacy skills in a fun and creative, easy-to-use web tool!   To submit evidence and claim your Little Bird Tales Badge, click here:  Claim Little Bird Tales Digital Badge
     Thanks to Digital Leader Nicole Strate for this submission!
     screecast badge
    The Screencast Badge   ( http://screencast-o-matic.com/ )                                                       Screencastomatic Video Tutorial
     A Screencast is just a tutorial of your voice narrating whatever you're showing on a computer screen. Screencasts are created to show other users how to do or access something on a computer. They are very simple to make using a free program called Screencast-o-matic. (There are many other screencasting tools, but this badge focuses on learning to use this particular site.)  To submit your evidence and claim the Screencast Badge, click here:  Claim Screencast Digital Badge
     Digital Leader Badge
    The Digital Leader Badge  
    A Digital Leader badge is earned by anyone who is finding and using new technologies and web tools on their own.  Are you a Digital Leader?  Are you using web tools with your class that aren't already badges here at WTPS Digital Badges?  After you have earned the Screencast Badge (prerequisite), you can create your own screencast about web tools, share them with WTPS Digital Badges, and earn your Digital Leader Badge! Your screencast will be featured on this site (credited to you), and a badge/requirements will be created to accompany it!  To submit evidence and claim the Digital Leader Badge, click here: Claim Digital Leader Badge