Washington Township

Public Schools | Sewell, NJ



Contact: Dawn McCann, Health Benefits Coordinator
(856) 589-6644 x6604

1. What are our insurance carriers and phone numbers?
  • AmeriHealth Insurance – Phone number 1-888-968-7241
  • BeneCard Prescription – Phone number 1-888-907-0050
  • Horizon Dental  – 1-800-355-2583
  • Employee Assistant Program (EAP) short-term confidential counseling services – 1-856-881-1666/toll free: 1-866-614-7989

2. Does my health insurance have a vision benefit?

  • Open Choice (PPO) and Managed Choice (POS) includes vision
  • Vision benefit is administered by Davis Vision - Phone number 1-888-968-7241

3. If I do not enroll in benefits and do the waiver reimbursement, when can I enroll in Health insurance?
  • At the time of your spouse’s involuntary loss of insurance
  • During Open Enrollment 

4. How long are dependents covered?

  • Medical Insurance - At the end of the month your dependent turns 26.
  • Prescription – At the end of the month your dependent turns 26.
  • Dental – At the end of the month your dependent turns 19 or (if dependent has a full-time student status (12 credits) and under the age of 23.

5. When is Open Enrollment

  • Annual Open Enrollment is held June 1st to June 30th.

6. When can my enrollments change?

  • Birth of child, adoption or change in custody of child
  • Marriage, divorce or separation
  • Death of spouse or child
  • Spouse’s involuntary loss of coverage
  • A dependent’s loss of eligibility 

7. What is verification of dependency? (see link to print forms)

  • Dental - Horizon

8. How can I obtain claim forms, mail order envelopes and vision forms?

9. What is a Family Leave?

  • Health insurance paid by the district for up to 12 weeks for Child Care Leave, Medical Leave or Caring for a Family Member
  • For specific information on the different leaves, please contact Sharon Rife Ext. 6604

10. What is 125A Plan? Pre Tax?

  • A section 125A plan allows you to pay out-of –pocket medical expenses, and dependent care from an after-tax basis to a pre-tax basis
  • See brochure 

11. When I retire when will my benefits end?

  • Your benefits will end 30 days after date of retirement

12. If I resign how long will my benefits be active?

  • If you resign during the school year, your benefits will end 30 days after resignation.
  • If you resign at the end of the school year, your benefits end September 1st if you are a 10-month employee. 
  • If your are a 12-month employee your benefits will end 30 days after resignation

13. What is Cobra?

  • Continuation of group health insurance coverage for you or your eligible dependents