• Dear Parents,

    At Bunker Hill Middle School, we as a staff are committed not only to the academic success of your child; we aim to foster social and emotional growth of the students entrusted in our care.  We strongly affirm and recognize that students face significant life situations and need our support in making wise and healthy decisions.  In addition, we recognize how vital communication with familes is to continue to ensure our young Bulldogs have the best opportunities for success.  Families and teachers each recognize that academic success can't occur unless students are given the opportunity to develop certain social-emotional competencies such as self-discipline, effective communication, responsibility, cooperation, relationship building, problem solving, and decision making.  Consequently, our school counselors will be incorporating the social-emotional learning competencies as championed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).  The components of the CASEL and Township's Building Better People program are listed below

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    Therefore, in this section, we want to provide as much information (articles, research, video references) that allow us to maintain the quest for an academic and socially responsible child.  Also, it is important that families help us to provide information as to what they see going on with the middle school child and ways we may potentially intervene as well.


    Thank you so much for the support you give your child and the confidence you have in us to work with your child.



    Very Sincerely,

    Mike D'Ostilio, Principal