• Dear Parents and Families,

    In this day and age, safety and security become all too familiar terms when dealing with the safety and well-being of our children.  In this section, we will house various links and procedures to ensure that from the time your children get on the bus, to the visitors that come to the school, and the time the children get home that there is a vigilance for your children.  Please click the links to become abreast of parking lot procedures and safety protocol.  In order to make sure we are working for the needs of all children please be mindful of the information housed here.


    Procedures for Safety and Security at BHMS (LINK)


    Picking Up and Dropping of Your Child (LINK)


    Raptor Sign in Procedure

    On December 17, 2019, all families should have gotten an email from the WTPS Postmaster regarding the new visitor procedures. ALL VISITORS must present their driver's license to enter into the vestibule and be permitted access to the building. Your driver's license will be scanned to further ensure the safety of the students. Our attendance officer will then print you out a label with your information on it to signify that you're a vetted visitor. While this is one more step, it is one more step to the safety of our children.


    Making Threatening Statements Causing Public Alarm

    No Tolerance in New Jersey When Students Threaten or Joke About a Threat of School Violence

    Unfortunate recent events such the shooting in California, the shooting at a football game in Camden, and the "joking" threat to Delsea Middle School by a Delsea student are all part of a growing and continued concern about violence or the threat of violence in schools. By clicking on the yellow words above, you can access an article from the Courier Post from about a year and a half ago,around the time of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. The article details the lengths that law enforcement must go to in order to ensure the safety of the student body.


    Furthermore, you should know how a school must respond. It is important to know that if any student makes a threat of harm to someone or threatens mass violence to the school, we as a school must immediately call the police and we must enact security protocol, which first dictates that we protect our students and then assess the threat.


    It is incredibly irresponsible to make such threats, whether joking or not because that induces fear and anxiety in the students and in the public. Actual or transient threats meet with law enforcement protocols where the school or police sign complaints and possibly criminal charages; there are suspensions and possibly removal from the general population of the school. This creates an incredible strain on the family and takes a long time for the student to recover from this and can possibly affect their opportunities moving forward. We at BHMS are not immune to this as we have had transient threats to our school in the past and have had to enact threat assessment protocols.


    This is such a huge thing our students need to understand, and it can never ever be ignored by police or school administration. Please help us educate the students because we don't want students to get caught up in a grave error. Let's help them think before they post words or images.

    Also Bulldogs, ...If you ride your bikes to school remember this important information...


    • Wear Helmets
    • Ride your bike on the far right side of the road and obey traffic rules
    • Lock your bikes at school on the appropriate rack.