• Middle School English Language Arts

    Melissa Barnett, Department Supervisor 

    The English Language Arts Curriculum in Washington Township Schools encompasses a multitude of skills that our students will work towards mastering that will prepare them to be active, literate citizens in our ever-evolving society.  Our curriculum is designed inclusive of a variety of learning activities connecting reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing.  An integrated approach to Language Arts Literacy is research proven to have the highest impact on student achievement. 

    Upon completion of the Middle School ELA program, our students will be able to:

    • read a variety of texts well, including literature and informational, at or above grade level text complexity
    • use language (as speakers, listeners, readers, and writers) in gaining access to varied information and in being critical and creative as they construct ideas meaningful for different audiences and different purposes.
    • reflect critically on their own uses of language and on the uses of others.
    • recognize how language, particularly within a multimedia environment, impacts on their daily lives and contributes to the overall meaning of a piece of work.
    • manage the array of complex writing skills needed to be successful in future academic and vocational endeavors.

    A critical component of the ELA Curriculum is the focus on standards based instruction that is driven by essential skills that all students are expected to master.  The journey towards mastery is tailored to meet the individual needs of all students through teacher modeling, ongoing assessment, independent practice, and student self-reflection and goal setting.  

     NJ Student Learning Standards 

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