Middle School Summer Assignments 2023

    Summer Learning Opportunities
    To access the various summer online opportunities, please use this link:
    Middle School English Language Arts  

    Summer Reading 2024 - Choose Your Own Reading Adventure!

    Visit your school Library/IMC webpage for the REQUIRED summer reading assignment!

    Link to Bunker Hill IMC/Library Page                Link to Chestnut Ridge IMC/Library Page               Link to Orchard Valley IMC/Library Page

    As you read your chosen summer reading book, first and foremost, enjoy this time to read for pleasure, relaxation, and opportunity.  While you are only asked to read one book, you are encouraged to devour more!

    The summer reading assignment minimizes the emphasis on written assignments while maximizing opportunities for student voice. Students are encouraged to choose their own fiction and/or non-fiction books to read this summer. Please be sure to follow the assignment directions to complete a brief, summer reading reflection activity. This assignment will be turned in the first week of school and graded as a supportive assessment activity.  If needed, students will have the opportunity to conference with their ELA teacher prior to submitting their assignment. 

    We hope every student continues to develop their reading identities this summer by choosing books that help them grow to understand more about themselves, others, and the world around them!


    The assignments linked below are VOLUNTARY for students who wish to review skills prior to the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

    The ALEKS program is available for extra practice. To access the program, please follow these steps.


    Students entering Grade 7, this assignment is for students entering both Math 7 and Advanced Math 7: Entering Grade 7 Summer Assignment

    Students entering Grade 8 Pre-Algebra: Entering Grade 8 Pre-Algebra Summer Assignment

    Students entering Grade 8 Algebra: Entering Grade 8 Algebra Summer Assignment

    Enjoy your summer! 


    Enjoy your summer!