Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk a Thon

Future Acts has begun planning for our annual Walkathon to raise awareness and funds to help the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. A representative from JDRF will be here next Wednesday, March 22, to share a presentation with our students. The assemblies will be held in the Cafeteria. The assemblies are as follows: 

8 th - Grade Period 1 

7 th - Grade Period 2 

6 th - Grade Period 3

Announcement will be made directing you to bring down your students. 

Future Acts appreciates your indulgence and participation as we work to make the 2017 Walkathon another award-winning year. Like our last two years, we hope to top a thousand dollars in donations. Your enthusiasm and any support you can offer is greatly appreciated. This year’s Walkathon is scheduled for Tuesday, April 4 with the rain date set for Friday, April 7th . The walk will be held during period 5.