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Birches Monthly Recognition

Birches Elementary School Students Named to “Character Train” for Month of November


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Birches Elementary School staff recently selected a group of students to board their Character “Positivity Train” for November. The Positivity Train Award recognizes students in grades K-5 for demonstrating positive character traits that are learned through the Positivity Project program.


Students who are selected receive a train ticket certificate, a coupon from a local business for a treat, and their photo is added to the Positivity Train that wraps around the hallways at Birches School. 


The award winners for November include: 
Kindergarten – Annamarie Kraemer, Hunter Ngo, Teagan McCullough, Emma Aquino.
Grade 1 – Grace Gindhart, Sonny Rinaldi, Julianna White, Andrew Grayson, Emma Early.
Grade 2 – Lucas Wisniewski, Stella Stinson, Lily Shaw.
Grade 3 – Aurianna Siciliano, Liam Lu, Charlie Wisniewski, Olivia Piddington.
Grade 4 – Abby Lanting, Jaxon Howell, Ashlynn Kennedy, Tatem Dempsey.
Grade 5 – Steven Murray, Jac Campos, Robert Seder.


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