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Wedgwood Elementary Student-Lawyers Take Second Place in the New Jersey Bar Mock Trial Competition

Mock Trial


Wedgwood Elementary School fifth-grade ELEMEnTS students, and their teacher Tracy Colligan, are basking in their recent second-place win in the New Jersey Bar Association’s Annual Mock Trial competition hosted at the Law Center in New Brunswick, N.J. The students were responsible for turning their original case into a script, drafting questions for examination and cross-examination, as well as preparing opening and closing statements.


“It was a wonderful day for our students and their families who were able to attend,” Colligan said. “It made me proud to see my students present their understanding of how the law applied to their case.  They also had the chance to serve as jury for another case that was presented that day, giving them the opportunity to experience a full day in court.”


Mock Trial


Pictured on the steps of the New Jersey Law Center in New Brunswick, N.J. are Wedgwood fifth-grade ELEMEnTS students (top left to right)- Nathaniel Torres, Lucas Gould, Jude McGlinchy (middle left to right) - Jonathan Coyle, Colin Flannery, Connor Moffitt; (bottom left to right) – Jordyn Gorski, Aria Reitano, Carlotta Costello