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Dia de Reyes!

Bunker Hill Middle School Spanish Classes Celebrate Three Kings Day

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Bunker Hill Middle School students in Mrs. Clarissa Marin-Mojica’s. Mrs. Belinda Murray's and Mr. Frank Cabrera’s classes celebrated the holiday of Three Kings Day – one of the most important holidays in Spanish-speaking countries – on Friday, January 6, 2017.

Known in Spanish as Dia de Reyes, Three Kings Day is a celebration for and of children. When January comes, all kids begin writing their letters to their favorite king, Melchor, Gazpar or Baltazar, also known as the “three wise men.”

Each student was presented with a paper crown and received a flashing light necklace as a gift. The enjoyed cake and ice cream. The school had been learning about how different cultures celebrate around the holidays. On Three Kings Day (celebrated on Jan. 6), Latin American children place grass in a box under their bed where the Three Kings come and bring their gifts. The children also leave water outside their homes for the kings’ camels. On the night of January 5th, kids put their shoes by the door before going to bed so the kings will know how many children live there. They also put out something to eat and drink for the kings, and also water and fresh-cut grass for the camels. On the morning of the 6th, children find presents inside and outside of their shoes.

In Cabrera’s classes, students each received gold crowns, watched a Power Point presentation and a few videos on Three Kings Day, and completed a craft using a Pringles can and decorative paper. Once finished, Cabrera provided candy to place in the cans and dished out flashing star toys provided by the BHMS PTO. In addition, the PTO funded a large cake, which the students eagerly noshed to help celebrate.

In Mrs. Marin-Mojica’s classes, students sported their own handmade crowns and enjoyed sharing the king’s bread known as “La Rosca de Reyes.” Covered in dried fruit and often served with chocolate, its round shape symbolizes a king’s crown, and there are plastic babies hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby in their piece of the bread has to host a big party on February 2nd, the last day of the holiday season.

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