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GTECC Kindergarten Students Host Classroom March Madness Tournament with Books, Not Basketball

gtecc march madness


gtecc march madness Kindergarten students in Caitlin Rigby’s class at Grenloch Terrace Early Childhood Center are filling out their March Madness brackets, but instead of picking college basketball teams, the students are pitting their favorite books against each other.


At the tournament’s start, Rigby selected 16 books – some classics, some new, some that her current and former classes had expressed an interest in – making up their “Sweet 16” field.


Every day, Rigby and her students read two books, and each student privately casts a vote on which book of those two was their favorite.  The winning book is announced and placed on the bracket as part of their Elite Eight, and the “Survive and Advance” competition continues.


“My class has really been having a lot of fun with the bracket,” Rigby said.  “We announce the winning book and advance it on the bracket.  We will repeat this through our Elite Eight and Final Four, until be get to our championship and announce a winner.”



march madness


 Kindergarten student Giovanni Annucci casts his vote in the March Madness Book Tournament.



march madness


Reagan Burns votes for her book of choice.



march madness


Braden Wylie advances the class’ winning book onto the next round.




march madness


Abby Lanting moves the class’ favorite pick along in the tournament.