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Hurffville Drama Proudction of "Pirates 2: The Hidden Treasure" Shows Value of Friendship



Arrrrr. “I’m as rich as I can be.  I can count on you. You can count on me.”


A band of adventurous pirates, aka the fourth and fifth-grade students comprising the Hurffville Elementary School Drama Club, belted out the chorus as they discovered that friendship was the hidden treasure in their production of “Pirates 2: The Hidden Treasure” on March 14th.  The group performed for their schoolmates through the day and at an evening public performance.


Under the direction of music teacher Nancy Leong, “Pirates” told the ongoing story of a group of swashbuckling bandits who set off on the high seas in search of treasure.  Encountering a bad storm, they become shipwrecked on an island, with no treasure and no way to repair their vessel.  The King of the High Seas suggests that they host a talent show to earn money to repair their ship, though talents like pillaging, plundering and walking the plank prove ineffective in generating funds.  After practicing balancing, juggling, stand-up comedy and other “talents,” a group of island inhabitants appears, weary of watching the pirates’ antics, and offers assistance to get the pirates back on their adventure.


The lesson for the day?  Yo Ho! Heave Ho! Friendship is more valuable than all the gold in the world.


Click here to access a photo gallery of the production.