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Partying for Pi

Orchard Valley Middle School Seventh-Graders Celebrate All Things Circles on Pi Day


ov pi day 1


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – You could say that the seventh-graders at Orchard Valley Middle School “circled” this date for quite a while. On Thursday, March 14th, students at OVMS celebrated Pi Day with different events throughout the day. Pi is the mathematical calculation used to determine the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, widely known to be rounded down to 3.14.


ov pi day 2 They had a Pi Party in Mrs. Melissa Bamaca and Mrs. Stefanie Van Leuven’s classes. The students did everything from measuring the circumference of bubbles that they blew, to having in-class “pi-eating” contests, to even creating a color-coded chain – which snaked all throughout Mrs. Bamaca’s class – representing the sequence of pi.


Then, during the seventh-grade lunch periods, two students from each advisory/homeroom were invited to the stage, where a full-scale pi-eating contest was held.


“We don’t always get a chance to do fun stuff in math class,” Bamaca said. “It’s nice to be able to do things like this that go beyond solving problems and doing homework. The kids are having a good time.”


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