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Subtraction Stawarts!

Christian Iaconelli Earns Championship in Wedgwood School Second-Grade First in Math Subtraction Tournament


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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Second-graders were the talk of Wedgwood Elementary School on Friday, May 10, 2019, as more than 50 students entered the cafeteria with their iPads ready to participate in the First in Math Just the Facts for Subtraction tournament.


first sub 2 As students entered the All Purpose Room, they searched for their place at one of the tables ready to log into First in Math, an online supplemental math program that uses a gaming approach to increase math interest and improve student performance. Once there, the students were ready to begin the 5-minute session of Just the Facts for Subtraction to see who would answer the most subtraction facts correctly in the shortest amount of time. Winning students advanced to the next round, ready to again demonstrate their fact fluency.


After several rounds of competition, Christian Iaconelli defeated Tyler Anderson in the championship round to claim the title. Both students posted perfect 100 scores, but Iaconelli’s time was slightly better. In the semifinals, Iaconelli defeated Dylan Dael, while Anderson knocked off Ethan Manages.


Elite Eight finishers included: Iaconelli, Anderson, Dael, Manages, Jacob Hurd, Kailyn Seymour, Jasmine Li and Aidan Albright.


The tournament, organized by Wedgwood math teachers Domenick Renzi and Autumn Mattera, was a huge success as students not only had fun, but also became more fluent in their subtraction facts.


Other participating students included: Alaina Aversa, Carson Bedford, Zach McEnroe, Adrianna Radcliffe-Hills, Madelyn Stanley, Luke Taylor, Scarlette Zingoni, Ralph Aversa, Eric Caveng, Giovanni Conrad, Makayla Crawford, Elise Destro, Jarret DiEgidio, Shayna Gallagher, George Rohanna, Emma Todd, Viviana Williams, Kevin Yankanich, Dexter Farrington,  Aubrey Mack, Victoria Pape, Jose Perez, Cainan Schoudt, Luke Scorza, Layne Weatherby, Nathan Barnes, Riley Brennan, Jackson Farrington, Peyton Garr, Elizabeth Hunt, Ryan Lawyer, Jenna Lopresti, Vincent Nuzzo, Devansh Purohit, Luca Botto, Zeb Campagna, Gabriella Cerulli, Reese Garr, Shane Miller, Chase Taylor, Marina Welding and Gabrielle Wright.


In the photo at top, runner-up Tyler Anderson (left) and champion Christian Iaconelli pose for a picture after the final round of the Wedgwood School First in Math Just the Facts for Subtraction second-grade tournament.

In the photo at left, the Final Four of the Just the Facts Tournament of Champions included second-graders (left to right) Christian Iaconelli, Ethan Manages, Tyler Anderson and Dylan Dael.


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