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Crafting a Print

Bunker Hill Middle School Talented Art Class Completes Warhol Activity by Making Group Print


bhms print 1


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – One of the most anticipated annual projects – especially for their teacher – that the students in Bunker Hill Middle School’s eighth-grade Talented Art class completes is the Andy Warhol Prints assignment. On Monday, May 13th, the class culminated that project by creating a group print – one that teacher Bethany Franz will have them sign so she can post it in the school to always remember the group she taught.


bhms print 2 The project required the students to create a self-portrait using block printing, which is basically creating a stamp out of an image through relief carving. Then, using that image, the students had to create 16 different prints on a page, in true Warhol style. Twelve of the prints followed directions provided by Franz, such as black ink on white paper, rainbow ink on colored paper, or printed on newspaper. The last four prints were completely up to the students.


On Monday, the class created a grid of the prints on a long table, inked them and made a group print on a large piece of paper. Franz’s self-portrait – she’s created one every year she’s taught the class – is included, right in the middle.


The posters, going back to the 2005-06 school, are displayed in frames along the hallway outside the BHMS cafeteria.


Please click here for more photos from the project, including shots of the prints from each of the last 13 years.