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BHMS Staff Participates in Annual Buddy Walk

Sporting matching t-shirts that read “Ally’s Buddies – Be Inspired” in honor of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School second-grader Allyson D’Ostilio, representatives from Bunker Hill Middle School participated in the Annual Buddy Walk on October 6, 2019, at Washington Lake Park. Allyson, who has Down syndrome, is the daughter of BHMS principal Mike D’Ostilio.


The Buddy Walk brings together family, friends, professionals and community leaders for a day of celebration to promote the acceptance, inclusion, and respect of individuals with Down syndrome, the world’s most commonly occurring chromosomal condition that occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.

 bhms buddy walk


Pictured: Bunker Hill Middle School staff who turned out to support Allyson D’Ostilio in the 2019 Buddy Walk on October 6th at Washington Lake Park included: (left or right): BHMS principal (and Allyson’s father) Mike D’Ostilio, secretary Debbie DiJohn, secretary Bernadette Sikorski, chorus teacher Nancy Dickinson, bookkeeper Briana Venture, science teacher Joann Braker and assistant principal Dr. Greg Muscelli.