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Making Math Fun

Orchard Valley Middle School Eighth-Graders Turn Math Lesson into Card-Game-Creating Fun


ov math games 1

Orchard Valley Middle School eighth-graders Jacob Sutton (left) and Jaden Nolasco work on their math card game.


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Orchard Valley Middle School eighth-grade students in Mrs. Heidi Valery’s math class are working on an interesting project that aligns with the curriculum.


The students are creating their own board or card games – with some extra credit for designing the back of the cards. Each group must create a minimum of 25 math equation cards. Once complete, the students will be inviting staff to come and play their new games with them. 


Although this is a major assessment grade for the students, they are enjoying the task of creating the game cards, the game boards and setting the rules of the game, turning everyday math skills practice into a lot of fun.


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ov math game 2

OVMS math teacher Mrs. Heidi Valery (left) assists eighth-grader Gianna Bonetti with her board game.


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