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Spaghetti Ice Cream?

Bunker Hill Middle School German Students Create Traditional Mannheim Dessert Treat “Spaghettieis”


spaghettieis 1

BHMS German teacher Mike McCloskey (right) looks on as eighth-grader Rehan Kazmi turns ice cream into “Spaghettieis.”


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Bunker Hill Middle School German students in Mr. Mike McCloskey’s classes recently created recipes for a traditional German treat that looks like savory but tastes like a sweet.


As the kickoff to a project on German recipes, Herr McCloskey helped the students make “Spaghettieis” – ice cream in the form of spaghetti – in class. The treat was created in the German city of Mannheim in the late 1960s.


After enjoying the dessert goodness, the students researched their own recipe and created a recipe card for that dish in German.


spaghettieis 2

Eighth-graders (left to right) Michael Scheer, Ally Vadino and Carlie Webster enjoy their spaghettieis.


spaghettieis 3


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