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Math Millions (x2)

Wedgwood Elementary Math Students Crack 2,000,000 Problems Solved through First in Math


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WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Wedgwood Elementary School students in grades 1 through 5 have solved more than 2,000,000 problems (2 million) this school year using the First in Math online program. 


First in Math was designed with focus, coherence and rigor as its cornerstones. Self-paced activities target mastery of procedural skills and fluencies that are essential for internalizing and demonstrating conceptual understanding in mathematics. Students earn virtual stickers for each problem solved correctly.


In the above photo, some of Wedgwood’s recent Players of the Day get together. They include: (left to right): Front row – Hannah Krueger, Keira Seymour, Bobby Taylor, Joey Redman, Dean Paulson, Arianna Laneader; Middle row – Sincere Haye-Jones, Colin Flannery, Brendan Butkus, Tanner Burns, Ryan Lawyer, Ava Powers, Scarlette Zingoni; Back row – Andrew Deich, Andrew Bauer, Alyssa Still, Eleanor Lawyer, Alex Aguila, McKinley Edwards, Chimaobi Nwosu, Nolan Rollins.


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