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District Science Teachers Among Presenters at Interactive Workshop on What Social Justice Means

Social Justice Washington Township science teachers Adjua Lafleur (Washington Township High School) and Malika Moore (Bunker Hill Middle School) were among presenters at an interactive workshop entitled “What Does Social Justice Really Mean?”  The workshop was hosted by the New Jersey Education Association’s (NJEA) Social Justice Coalition on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at the Gloucester County Education Association’s Office. 


“Social Justice is essential to the foundation of quality public education. However, many disparities and inequities exist in our education system today,” Moore said.  “From district to district, there are policies and practices in place that result in issues of access, opportunity, representation and power, not only for the students we serve, but also for our colleagues. The purpose of the South Jersey Social Justice Coalition is to provide a space for our members to unite and address existing injustices as we fight for justice in our schools.”


The workshop, Moore explained, helped attendees understand what social justice looks likes in their schools, reflect on their view of social justice, and talk about what ways to address real or perceived injustice. 


“The district champions the contributions Ms. Moore and Ms. Lafleur have made to their school communities, and now their influence is spreading to an even larger sphere,” District director of secondary education Dr. Steve Gregor said. “We appreciate their ability and willingness to help others see things through an equity lens.”

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social justice



Washington Township attendees at the NJEA’s Social Justice Seminar on January 29th included (left to right): Christine Kosar, presenter Malika Moore, Staci Edmonds and presenter Adjua Lafleur.