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Washington Township Middle Schools Name 2019-20 Presidential Award Winners

President's Award for Educational Excellence Selected 8th-grade students at Bunker Hill, Chestnut Ridge and Orchard Valley Middle Schools have been selected as Presidential Award recipients at their respective schools.


Honorees of the national certificate, that is signed by the President, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the schools’ principals, were selected based on the following criteria:


  1. The student’s 6th and 7th grade ELA and Math PARCC and/or NJSLA scores met or exceeded for that year;  
  2. The student was awarded no more than one (1) “B” in any subject area, in any marking period, during all three years of middle school.  The rest of the grades must have been “A’s”.  


Bunker Hill Middle School Presidential Award winners:

Corrine Beck, Lily Engelien, Thomas Fields, Daniel Forcinito, Mariah Groff, Abigail Haines, Alyssa Hengy, Ava Iwano, Gina Klemowitz, Talia Morrison, Chelsea Petro, Ava Porreca, Sasha Ronsayro, Anna Tobler, Ciara Zierten



Chestnut Ridge Middle School Presidential Award winners:

Christina Baldosaro, Bryn Bautista, Nina Cleary, Robert Davis, John DiNoto, Kayla D'Ottaviano, Faith Gallagher, Madeline Gleason, Edward Mulvihill, Arianna Nelli, Trent Phillips



Orchard Valley Middle School Presidential Award winners:

Justin Dewey, Samantha Krug, Khang Nguyen, Matthew Stein, Emily Westenberger