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Washington Township Family Turns Tragedy into Inspiration  Through New Children’s Book 



Book Cover In September 2019, the unspeakable happened to Tiffany Sandridge and her children when her beloved husband and their father, David, passed away suddenly. Desperate to keep her sons Judah (Bunker Hill Middle School- 8thgrade) and Caleb (Whitman Elementary School- grade 3) and their two younger brothers (Luke and Seth) moving and motivated through their grief, the Sandridges looked for a family project. 


The end result was a new children’s book, Are You Good from A to Z? The book takes readers through the alphabet, revealing that goodcharacter makes a good person, and good people make a good world. 


 “I didn’t want the loss of their father to overwhelm my sons’ lives with sadness or depression and hinder their abilities to thrive and live fulfilled lives,” Tiffany Sandridge said. “The book is an educational and overall ‘good’ book that introduces young (and old) readers to different character traits and attributes that make up a person of good character. My sons are so excited to be published authors.” 


To learn more about the Sandridges’ journey and the book creation, please visit the family’s website