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Fourth-Grade ELEMEnTS Students Explore Alternative Energy Sources  


WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP – Hurffvllle and Wedgwood Elementary School fourth-grade ELEMEnTS (Elementary Learners Engaged in Mathematics, Engineering, New Technologies and Science)

students in Diane Jablonowski’s classes supplemented a recent lesson on climate change and its effect on glaciers by researching various alternative energy sources that do not use fossil fuels. These alternative fuels, therefore, would help stop climate change and preserve glaciers.


The students each explored a different alternative energy - everything from wave and tidal energy to nuclear energy – and created a PowerPoint presentation, videotaping themselves narrating their presentations and embedding the narrations in the presentations that they then shared with their classmates.


Also on the topic of power, Bells and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School fourth-grade ELEMEnTS students in Chris Janeczko’s class shared a video conference with Dallas Drietz, a manager at Integrated Power Services in Minnesota.  Drietz, whose company repairs and services wind turbines across the country, shared information on wind energy and answered a lot of the students’ questions.  He also put on his climbing gear to show the students what it looks like and how it works.


Energy Sources

Hurffville and Wedgwood ELEMEnTS students shared their PowerPoint research with their classmates.


energy sources


Bells and Thomas Jefferson ELEMEnTS students watched Dallas Drietz showcase the climbing garb that he uses as a wind turbine expert.