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Wedgwood Kindergarteners Enjoy Day at Duffield’s




Hayrides and pumpkin-picking was made even better by sunshine and friendship as Jenna Kober’s, Lindsey Ale’s, Edwina Johnson’s and Emily Navarra’s kindergarten students from Wedgwood Elementary made memories on their October 15th trip to Duffield’s Farm.


Wedgwood Duffield's


Sakey Turner-Dupree, Julian Chirico, Charlotte Pollart


Wedgwood Duffield


 Maddox Smith, Maison Houston


Wedgwood Duffields


 Louis Nocella, Aviana Sowinski, Emerie Cote


Wedgwood Duffields


Maison Houston, Mason Jagielski

 Wedgwood Duffields



Jack McCalla, Prizleen Kaur