iPad Access to Email

    • Select Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Add Account
    • Select Exchange
    • Enter your email address (username@wtps.org)  and password
    • Click NEXT
      (You will receive an error that exchange cannot verify server identity.  Select Continue)
      • Server : webmail.wtps.org
      • Domain: staff
      • UserName: YourUserName
        (User name is just the first part of your email address, @wtps.org is not needed)
      • Password: YourPassword
    • For advanced settings (I have not seen anyone needing to change this but as an FYI), Use SSL should be on, Move discarded message into does not matter, and S/MIME should be off.
    • Tap done and wait several minutes for the changes to take effect. Open mail, you may need to swipe down several times to refresh it and/or wait a few mins with it open to take effect. You should see your new messages loading. You may get a connection error, if you do just tap ok and swipe down a few more times to try and reload messages again.