• Nearpod

    Presentation tool that allows for assessment, collaboration, Virtual Reality, video access, simulations, in either the whole group or individual settings. Nearpod lessons are shareable. Data is also saved into Nearpod reports or spreadsheets that can be exported if wanted.


    Online formative assessment that collects data and provides feedback for a variety of question types. Teachers can pre-plan questions and mix together various types of questions and media and monitor student answers on their device. Students even can draw out/label or show their work using an interactive whiteboard. 


    Whole group review quizzes that emphasize competition but also provide feedback for individual students while keeping track of the data.


    An easy to use formative assessment tool that allows for teachers to check data on preplanned questions, or on the fly. Student data is saved and can be exported for later use. Immediate feedback is given on multiple choice questions and short answers can be discussed without student names.


    Flipgrid is a social learning assessment tool. Students are able to make video recordings of themselves describing ideas, answering questions, or performing. In turn, other students and teachers can video responses back to the students.  It has a wide array of uses in all subjects.


    Fun multiplayer classroom quizzes. Built especially for review. Can be done in class together, or independently using homework settings. High interest and competition coupled with strong feedback tools.

    OneNote Classroom Notebooks

    OneNote notebooks helps teachers monitor students anytime, anywhere while providing students access to content. Students can share their audio, video, or written work in real time.