• Affirmative Action

    Washington Township Public Schools
    Preventing Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment can happen at the work site or at any school, any time, yet it's easy to miss in our day-to-day routine. As a school employee, you share responsibility for making sure your workplace and school environment aren't affected by sexual harassment. In fact, the Supreme Court expanded Title IX legislation against sexual discrimination making schools legally and financially liable for failing to identify and take action against sexual harassment.

    To eliminate sexual harassment, you must first recognize it and then take appropriate action. The viewing of this videotape and completion of the review quiz is intended to help you understand, identify, respond, and intervene against workplace and school harassment.

    Common examples of sexual harassment are:

    • Sexual advances
    • Pressure for sexual favors
    • Touching of a sexual nature
    • Displaying or distributing sexually explicit graffiti, drawings, pictures, or written materials.
    • Sexual gestures
    • Sexual or “dirty” jokes
    • Touching oneself sexually
    • Talking about one's sexual activity in front of others
    • Spreading rumors about or rating others' sexual activity or performance
    All incidents of sexual harassment should be reported immediately to your supervisor/manager/principal/ administrator or to the district Affirmative Action Officer (AAO):

    Affirmative Action Officer:
    Janine Wechter, School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    856-589-6644 Ext. 6502