• Assessment, Data Technology, Registration
    and School Community Outreach Office
    The communication staff of the Washington Township Public Schools routinely works to publicize the numerous and varied achievements of the District's students, faculty and staff, their accolades, activities and community outreach projects. The staff teams to produce all press releases and original programming on WT-TV.    

    All access by members of the print and electronic media to our schools, as well as school and central administration, must be arranged through the District's Student Registration, Data and Information Office.


    Director of Assessment, Data Technology, Registration & School Community Outreach

    Katherine Carey

    (856) 589-6644, x6321

    (856) 589-1385 - fax



    School Community Outreach & Registration Assistant

    Jan Giel

    (856) 589-6644, x6550

    (856) 589-1385 - fax

    Social Media, Communications, Board Room Technology, Website & Administrative Support Assistant

    Matt Pesyna

    (856) 589-6644,  x6510

    (856) 589-1385  - fax



    Cable Station/Audio Visual Coordinator

    Kevin Lindstedt

    (856) 589-6644, x7277