• WT-TV (Channels 9 and 36)

    In an effort to showcase the varied activities, vitality and successes of the school district and community, the Washington Township Public Schools and the Township of Washington, along with Comcast Cable (Channel 9) teamed on April 6, 2005, to launch WT-TV- a  community cable channel devoted strictly to Washington Township. On September 1, 2009, television coverage was expanded to include duplicate programming on the Verizon Network (Channel 36).
    Hosted through TelVue Corporation’s TelVue Virtual Television Networks (TVTN) service, viewers will find comprehensive school and community programming presented in a professional format.  Our content includes timely announcements, board and municipal meetings, job listings and public notices as well as locally produced programming, sporting events, special event promotions and emergency messaging. The channel also can accommodate live television feeds.

    WT-TV allows us to showcase the vitality and successes of our schools, our children and our community through both networks into the homes of every Washington Township resident who subscribes to these cable providers.

    We invite you to tune in and stay connected to Washington Township.

    Click here to see the most updated WT-TV program guide.
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    Kevin Lindstedt, Cable Station Coordinator
    (856) 589-8500 x 7277